Why you should love natural gas

There’s a huge range of gas powered appliances available on the market these days, so when it comes to choosing which to add to your home, it can be pretty confusing. Besides how it looks, knowing how an appliance works can guide your choices by helping you decide if it meets your needs and fits with your lifestyle.

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular appliances available when you have a gas connection, what they do and why to love them.

Natural gas cooktops

Nearly everyone will be familiar with the joy of cooking on a gas cooktop, but in case you need reminding, the gas powered ring burners provide an extremely high level of controllability and instant temperature response, meaning they reach their full heating power immediately. Plus, you can still cook in a power outage, and unlike your neighbours with the electric cooker, you’ve got the best tool for any kind of wok cooking.

Reason to love it: Instant and total temperature control ­ a must for the at-home chef.

Natural gas ovens

Did you know the products of combustion that power gas ovens actually release moisture which can help the cooking process by keeping roasts, ribs, cakes and cookies moist?

When it comes to choosing an oven, it’s all to do with the features. If you’re buying a new home, make sure you tell your builder what your preferences are.

Reason to love it: The perfect roast, every time.

Natural gas fireplace

This appliance is all about ambiance. Like any radiant heater, it’s heating you rather than the air around you (just like the sun!), but has the added psychological benefit of the seeing the fire which helps you feel warm, too.

Reason to love it: Those flickering flames add character and cosiness to any room.

Natural gas barbecue

Without a doubt, natural gas is the most convenient way to run your barbecue: a continuous, uninterrupted energy supply that’s cheaper than LPG bottles, doesn’t require you to wait in line to swap it over and doesn’t ever crop up as a surprise cost.

Plus, if you have a gas connection fitted outdoors, you can add appliances as you go: heaters, spa heaters, an outdoor fireplace and so on.

Reason to love it: Never have to replace an LPG bottle again ­ especially not in the middle of a barbie.

Natural gas spa heater

Heating an outdoor spa is where gas really comes into its own as part of a home’s ideal energy mix. Not only does it heat up the water very quickly, it also provides a much more economical way of keeping it warm than electricity (once you expose the water to the air, energy is lost, so heating a spa can use up a lot of dollars).

Reason to love it: Heat up and hop in ­ your spa is ready for you in minutes!

Unflued natural gas heaters

So how do they work? All the gas used is being burnt within the gas appliance, and the products of combustion ­ and heat, of course ­ are transmitted into the room. If that sounds a little scary, don’t worry: these appliances are completely safe as long as there is enough air circulation within the room.

Reason to love it: Speedy heat up and cool down mean these were made for the WA climate.

Natural gas storage hot water systems

New homes with gas connected hot water supplies were most commonly fitted with storage tanks, but over the last decade there’s been a move towards instant systems, with this change continuing to accelerate. A good analogy is to imagine the hot water storage tank as a giant kettle heated by a gas flame ­ a thermostat controls the temperature and when the water hits the mark, the pilot flame turns itself off.

Reason to love it: It may not be as efficient as a instant system, but a gas powered storage tank still lets you reap all the benefits of natural gas ­ it’s clean, it’s economical, it’s reliable and it still works in a black out.

Natural gas instant hot water systems

These hot water systems sit outside in a small ‘box’ and are often built into the wall (meaning they take up significantly less space than their storage tank cousins!). They’re very economically efficient and instant, which means no waiting around for a hot shower.

Reason to love it: Set the temperature and suds up ­ even with a big family, this hot water supply never runs out.

Ready to get gas? Head to our Pinterest and Houzz pages for appliance buying inspiration and try our Get Connected tool for a step-by-step guide to getting your connection set up.