Are you cooking with gas?

Five-star chefs, bakers and burger bars swear by it - but what is it that makes gas the energy choice for anyone who enjoys cooking? We’ve rounded up the top ten reasons why using gas in the kitchen will turn you from a cook to a chef in no time.

1. It’s now even more reliable: The rings on newer cooktops have a greatly improved heat distribution, meaning there’s no dead air space in the middle and your omelette cooks evenly.

2. It’s easier to control temperatures and provides an instant heat source... Which means you can get those temperatures low enough to braise or simmer and high enough to stir-fry with a twist of a dial.

3. A barbecue that’s instantly ready to cook: There’s no waiting hours for the barbie to get going, plus you still get that ‘charred’ taste and effect ­- the grill on natural gas barbecues allow the cooking surface to get hot enough to render the fat within the meat, giving it that classic BBQ flavour.

4. Baking and roasting with gas leads to more succulent and moist results: The moisture created by the gas combustion process helps prevent dryness in your roasts and cakes. Need help choosing an oven to suit your needs? Head to the Appliance Guide to browse through the features and benefits of some of the best on the market.

5. You can use any pan, even a wok: While electric cooktops just don’t work with woks, and induction cooktops need special pans, any pan works with natural gas appliances. Our tip: if you’re looking to invest, opt for heavy bases ­- an enormous amount of energy hits the full diameter of the cooking surface so these pans are designed to best work with the gas flame.

6. Power cut? No worries! You can keep cooking even when your electricity supply is out, so no hungry mouths at dinner time.

7. When it’s off, it’s off: When you switch off an electric cooktop, the momentum in the element means it’ll take a while to cool down. Natural gas cooktops are off as soon as the flame is out ­ and being able to see the flame also adds a helpful safety indicator to these appliances

8. You can be a chef, not just a cook: As chefs attest, using natural gas is an exact way of cooking thanks to its high degree of controllability ­- which is why it’s nearly always the first choice for kitchen professionals. You can achieve especially great results when simmering and baking with gas appliances.

9. Less mess than a charcoal barbie: No heavy bags of charcoal, no dust, no cleaning up ashes ­- the natural gas option is barbecuing made easy!

10. Your cookout will actually be cooked: Natural gas barbecues offer the kind of even cooking you just can’t achieve with charcoal, which means no more cold or burnt bits.

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